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    Guitar Hero 4


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    Guitar Hero 4

    Post  GDI MARINE on Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:44 pm

    announced. here is some basic info for u nubz!

    New gutiar. this gutiar will be wireless with detachable face plate. a new thing for it will be a elongated strum bar and a differant place for sp button. ( don't worrie, accelerometer activation still avalble ( tilting). but the coolest thing is a touch bar on the neck. this sliding touch screen bar can be used to way and wah and other things. you also can strum with this.

    a new tpe of note is also avalible. it goes like this. green(strum) then red then yellow ( while holding previous down.) it will start as a green, then go to a double then a tripple, cool huh?

    music studio sounds sick, u can do bass lead rythem and drums on it. no vocals. u can even do te drum with guitar.

    Guitar-Bass-Vocals-Drums are the instraments. its pretty much like rockband. go check it out on youtube for more info.

    Hello my name is Jon, and i made this website.
    Thanks for joining!

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